Advantages of Foam-Casting

Foam-Casting is another method we are using to produce larger parts with complex shapes. Unlike investment casting, we use foam patterns instead of Wax. The foam patterns are easily glued together to form a tree. The ceramic shall molds in foam-casting needs less coating with respect to investment casting resulting in less expansive casting parts.

In Puladir Company we use "replicast shell method" in which the foam in ceramic shell mold will be totally burned before casting. This technology enables us to produce many different heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts with very low carbon content also very high quantity castings with reasonable price and better quality are being produced by this method.

The following are the advantages of replicast:

  • The possibility of design and production of parts with complicated shapes with good dimensional tolerance DIN7168G.
  • The possibility of producing parts with inside holes and slopes. with no need to insert cores in the tooling.
  • The easy finishing of products because of very thin fin in partitioning line.
  • The supporting sand in the molds will be 100% reclaimed.
  • Improvement in environmental pollution and zero fumes during casting.
  • Easy assembly of foam patterns to form a cluster.
  • The stability of chemical analysis because of complete burning of foam patterns before casting.
  • Lower cost of material and therefore less expensive parts with respect to wax patterns.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability with good surface quality in compare with sand casting.
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